Hipnoetic is proud to support a variety of community-based events. It’s our way of connecting with our customers and communities. If you’re orga​nizing an event, we’d like to hear from you. 

We prefer to support local community events that attract a broad audience; they should be one of the major events on the community calendar.

Preference is given to events that occur in the Hipnoetic community. While we applaud charities that raise funds through special events, we prefer to support charitable organizations through our Donations Program, not through sponsorship. Exceptions may be made where a number of our employees are volunteers with the organization.


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 Merrickville Motorcycle Show

 Christmas in Merrickville

Merrickville-Wolford Communities in Bloom

Sponsorship Guidelines

Hipnoetic is proud to sponsor community-based events. Preference is given to those events that are:

  • Organized and executed by not-for-profit community groups and municipalities
  • Provide an opportunity for Hipnoetic employees to volunteer
  • Are held in the Hipnoetic community.


  • Events held in support of political parties, ridings, associations and candidates
  • Religious organizations for sacred or sectarian purposes
  • Commercial events.

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